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As we navigate through COVID-19 experiences and get closer to cold and flu season, the WUSD would like to clarify the absence/leave reporting practices for staff.  First, importantly, it is critical for each staff member to assess their personal health and well-being every work day and complete the WUSD Symptom Checker, found at this link:


The symptom checker includes a copy of the Can I Go To Work Today flowchart that should be used each day to determine attendance at work.  Attached is a printable copy of the flowchart (hint:  it is recommended to print a copy of this flowchart to refer to at home). 


If a staff member does not meet the requirements for attendance at work, please follow these steps:


  1. Enter the absence in Frontline.  Be sure to request a substitute if needed.  Use one of these leave types to enter the absence:

  • COVID -19 - Fail Symptom Check

  • COVID-19 - Child Quarantine

  • COVID-19 - Self- Quarantine

  • COVID-19- Isolation

  • COVID-19 Working From Home  (please also request a substitute if needed for in-person supervision of students)


   2.  Call your building administrator and notify her/him of your absence.  Work with your administrator on coverage plans.


   3.  Consult your medical provider for care and guidance and possible COVID-19 testing.  Follow your provider’s treatment plan    and orders.  If you are referred for testing, you must remain at home while waiting for your test appointment and while waiting for your test results.  Continue to enter your absences in Absence Management for each day you are not at work.


Several area health care providers are offering urgent care televisits including weekends and evenings:




Aurora Health Care


UW Health


Televisits at these providers are currently covered by UMR insurance, but may be subject to deductible and co-insurance if unrelated to COVID-19.


Insurance coverage is to use these services.  The cost for urgent care televisits is usually less than $100.


As you know, the COVID-19 pandemic has altered our usual way of delivering excellent education to students.  We have different scheduling requirements and new types of leave.  For the first time, we have larger numbers of employees that are working from remote locations.  The attached handbook addendum, approved by the Board of Education on October 5, 2020, addresses some of the employment practices and policies that have been implemented as a result of the pandemic.  This addendum will be effective throughout the pandemic and, as with all things related to COVID-19, is subject to revision at any time as circumstances change.  As with any handbook items, please let Director of Human Resources Margaret Brady know if you have questions or need more information.


Best wishes as we continue to move forward and do the best for our students and community!

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